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In today’s economy, most companies are focused on their core business and lack the time, staff, tools, and experience to effectively manage one of the “last bastions of uncontrolled spending”… office document output. And chances are, like most companies… you are buried in documents. You are producing and receiving more of them, both paper and digital, than ever before. Your customers want information in real time. Governmental agencies require you to be able to quickly archive and access your key records. You need to be able to take advantage of the latest document technologies. And just as importantly you have to be able to hold down and control the costs of your printing environment.

We are current users of all the solutions we offer. Each is based on a fully integrated blend of hardware, software and services to streamline your business processes, enhance workflows and enable collaboration. We are experts at providing solutions that are right-sized to specific workgroups, departments or production environments. Our solutions can be tailored to your company’s specific industry such as Legal, Healthcare, Banking, Education, Transportation or Finance. We offer robust, scalable solutions for document and process workflows, content management, document security, rules-based print management, pull printing and the ability to completely eliminate physical print servers.


Product Showcases for
Imaging and Printing Environments

Verity Group has done its homework and is committed to providing the highest quality, industry leading solutions for imaging & printing environments.

That’s why we have built strategic partnerships with Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Xerox, Microsoft, M-Files, YSoft, Intellinetics, PrinterLogic and fmAudit.