The Long Term Benefits of Managed Print Services

Long Term Benefits of MPS

Managed Print Services (MPS) have now matured well beyond the initial offerings of reduced costs and fleet optimization. Client expectations have grown to expect all of the collateral services such as ongoing consultancy, software solutions integration, workflow efficiencies, fleet refreshment and varied other implementation services.

MPS offerings must be aligned with a thorough understanding of a client’s business requirements and drivers, while being scalable to future growth and needs. Verity Group does a deep dive into a client’s document output environment… looking at end-user needs and print behaviors, print volumes, device utilization and optimization, application usages and workflow efficiencies. This helps in our mission to help you print smarter and print less.

Our Print Smarter – Print Less strategy includes several software solutions that address document creation, digitization, capture, storage, retrieval and sharing. Solutions that help modify print behavior (rules based printing)… help secure and reduce printing (secure print release)… provide quick and easy access to stored documents (enterprise information management)… and simplifying the provisioning of document output devices (printer and print server management).

We are current users of the solutions we offer. Our solutions are based on a fully integrated blend of hardware, software, services and processes. We are experts at providing solutions that are right-sized to specific workgroups, departments or production environments. Our solutions can be tailored to your company’s specific industry such as Legal, Healthcare, Banking, Education, Transportation or Finance. We offer robust, scalable solutions for document and content management, rules-based and pull printing as well as the ability to completely eliminate physical print servers.

All of this results in long term benefits from Managed Print Services, by improving employee productivity and satisfaction, consolidation and awareness of document output spending and reducing corporate impact on the environment.