Beyond Print

Improving workflows, streamlining processes, strengthening security…  moving beyond print.

One of the main goals of our TruePrint program is to reduce the amount of printing, reduce the amount of devices, reduce the number of manufacturers and models, reduce the variety of supplies, and reduce the overall number of vendors you must deal with in an attempt to manage your document output.  All of this results in control of costs and continuous improvement of processes.  We will also introduce you to targeted solutions for document creation, capture, conversion, workflow, archival and retrieval.  One of the best solutions, we offer, is rules-based printing… which helps reduce waste and costs by allowing system administrators to set rules related to color versus mono printing, simplex versus duplex printing, and even what jobs are sent to which devices.We will help you optimize print output for specific users, groups, departments and roles.

Our print related solutions will help you move beyond print.



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We will be your single point of contact and accountability for controlling all aspects of your document output.  We understand that your business is continually changing and we will provide you with an ever-evolving strategic plan that, over time, can be further optimized to allow even greater savings and productivity.  For every phase of the document lifecycle – from input to archival and retrieval – we offer a broad portfolio of solutions to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, safeguard data and transform paper documents into more efficient, intelligent and automated workflows that move documents from one employee or department to another.

Verity Group’s Consultants can help you implement workflows that will help you automate your document-driven business processes. The newest multifunction devices are capable of leveraging workflow automation.  That combined with the content management solutions we offer will streamline your everyday business processes by removing redundant steps, eliminating manual intervention, better manage approval processes and reducing human error.  Process confusion is eliminated, and processes cycle to completion faster.