Optimize Print

An ever-evolving plan for optimizing output, so you print less and print smarter..

Today’s highly complex and diverse mix of office technologies adds significant cost and inefficiency to the workplace.  Each print device has an ideal utilization range, measured in recommended pages printed per month or duty cycle. Print costs are optimized when the device’s actual use is aligned with its duty cycle.  This is the process of moving from your typically unmanaged print environment into an environment where each device has been placed specifically to optimize costs while properly addressing end-user needs.  We match print devices with their true need and balance the deployment to optimize utilization and enhance productivity.

We optimize your print fleet to place the right device in the right location for the right end-users.



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We will right-size and right-purpose your output fleet by creating a balanced deployment of both single and multi-function, mono and color, as well as printer and copier based devices.  We will help close the loop between document creation, output and management.

Our on-going reviews will help you to measure, manage and improve your document output, while enhancing productivity, strengthening security, and increasing end-user satisfaction while reducing costs.  Our optimization program is based on established best practices, years of experience and remains unequalled in quality, scope and the value it delivers.  Our tools and strategies will allow you to print less and smarter.