Choosing the right printer for your small business does not have to be a nerve wracking, time consuming process. Some simple logic mixed with an ample dose of evaluating your current and future print needs, will get you where you need to be.

The main key is to first assess your needs and whether or not you expect those needs to change or grow.

A few other key considerations include:
• What features do you need?
• How much do you want to spend?
• How much printing will you be doing?
• What kind of printing will you be doing?

And to decide whether a printer fits the bill or if you have the need for a multifunction device that can not only print, but copy, fax and scan.

If space and cost are your biggest concerns, or you only occasionally need a splash of color, then an InkJet printer may be the right choice. The initial cost, as well as the cost of ink are cheaper than those of a laser printer. However yield are nowhere near the same so you will have the change consumables more often.

With laser printers you can choose mono or color, medium or high speed, simplex or duplex. And you can easily find the right product for high volume needs.

Multifunction printers can handle print, copy, scan and fax. They can either be InkJet or LaserJet. If your small business is growing, or if your printing needs are varied and extensive, the features you’ll get from a multifunction printer may be worth the higher cost by providing document handling solutions for virtually any situation. Some of the more common features include double-sided printing, accommodating different paper sizes and card stocks, scanning to the cloud, and printing wirelessly from your smartphone or office computer network.

Inkjet printers at a glance:

Low startup costs

Slower than LaserJet

Great for low-volume printing

Lower print quality than LaserJet

Ink is inexpensive and easy to replace

Laser printers at a glance:

Sharp document print quality

Great for high-volume printing

Use laser toner, which is higher cost

Require more space due to larger size

Not the best option for graphics printing

Multifunction printers at a glance:

Many more printing options

Both inkjet and LaserJet models

Numerous features to choose from

Save money & space with one device

Print, copy, fax, and scan

If you still need help deciding the best device for your needs or you would like to experience a hands-on demonstration, contact your Verity Group Consultant, today.