Separate print, copy, scan and fax is not only inefficient, but very costly, when you consider the cost of the different devices and their related supplies, the probability that they are manufactured by different vendors and even the floor space (real estate) they consume.

Multifunction devices consolidate printing, copying, and scanning functions into one unit with strong network capabilities. They are designed for workgroups, departments, and offices and come in both monochrome and color, various sizes from small space-saving desktop units to full floor models, and offer a host of finishing options.

The consolidation of print, scan, copy and fax has many other advantages:

  • Increased end-user satisfaction from only having to be knowledgeable of a single device
  • Consolidation to one service and supplies vendor
  • MFPs can perform many tasks at the same time
  • Device usage is easily tracked
  • Supplies maintenance become less complicated

There are things to consider when purchasing an MFP:

Multifunction devices are known by an assortment of names and acronyms… (AIOs) All-in-Ones, (MFP) Printer-based Multifunction, (MFC) or Copier-based Multifunction (MFCs), or the more generic (MFD) or Multifunction Devices. Whatever name you use, they pretty much all print, copy, and scan… as well as other things. And it is all those other things, that sometimes complicate the buying process.

Office multifunction devices are generally chosen for their text abilities or their graphics abilities. You may also want it to fax, email to file or folder, and be capable of handling multi-page documents both in and out. And then you need to consider the scanning itself. Do you need a flatbed scanner?  How about an auto-document feeder?  Does it only need to scan in mono or color? How about scanning in one pass or two. Printing in duplex mode is an option to seriously consider. And when it comes to finishing… do you need to collate, or even make a booklet or perhaps some other specific finishing option.

Give us a call and let us help you make the right decision for consolidation print, copy, scan, fax… and so on and so on.