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WE LISTEN – And then provide for your needs.

Ask — Listen — Plan — Present — Implement — Optimize

The consultative sales approach is one in which customer needs are used as the basis for the sales dialogue (also known as “Needs-Based Selling”). It is a critical for us to understand the changing world of our clients and adjust our approach to drive meaningful value. Some call it a methodology, others call it a strategy. But really, consultative selling is a philosophy rooted in the fiduciary relationship between seller and buyer.

We engage in a dialogue to completely understand the needs specific to your organization and match the most relevant hardware, software and services solutions.  This approach allows us to consistently elicit feedback and then use that information as actionable intelligence to continue to improve your document output environment.

We need to be able to accurately identify your pain points and needs, develop a customized plan and do so by working from facts… not assumptions. To do this, we ask, listen, qualify, plan, implement and then optimize.

Our consultants are expected to not be salespersons, but relationship builders, solutions experts and trusted advisors.

We believe that only through a true consultative approach and the use of actionable intelligence, can we become your TRUSTED ADVISOR… for all things, document related.

The six principles of consultative selling…



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  • Ask
  • Listen
  • Plan
  • Present
  • Implement
  • Optimize