Our print analysis requires data… fmAudit provides it

A thorough document output environment analysis requires accurate data to answer many questions.

  1. How many printers/copiers/mfp devices do you have on your network
  2. How many local devices do you have
  3. How many pages is your company currently printing
  4. Are those pages duplex or simplex… mono or color… letter or A3 size
  5. Are your devices being over or under utilized
  6. How much is your printing costing you

An analysis requires answers to all of these questions, and more. 

And most companies do not know the answers.

In order to get you all of this information, we must first obtain the data.

That’s where a Data Collection Agent (DCA) comes into play.

We use fmAudit, by e-Automate.

What is a Data Collection Agent, such as fmAudit?

The core engine of FMAudit accurately identifies and extracts data from networked printers, copiers and multifunction devices utilizing the protocols these devices support such as Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). SNMP is a network protocol that facilitates the exchange of information between networked devices, extracting data from the management information base (MIB) and the data collection locations within the device. FMAudit supports SNMP Versions 1, 2 & 3. The MIB is an internal database that most network-connected devices have as part of their anatomy. The MIB holds data such as the manufacturer and model information, meter data, consumable levels and current and historical service and supply status of the device.

It is important to note that FMAudit ONLY collects information on print, fax and scan metadata, it is not programmed to do anything else. Please read the fmAudit white paper for more information.



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Analytics and Actionable Intelligence

Extending FMAudit data into robust end-user analytics, we have the ability to visualize the “who, what, when and where” of document workflow within FMAudit software. We can develop a more structured managed document services program, by knowing who is printing, how much they are printing, at what cost, what applications they are printing from, and where the peaks and dips of volumes are in print output.

Current versus Proposed Mapping

Using fmAudit, in addition to a site survey, we are able to map the current state on floor plans, establish total cost of ownership, automate fleet optimization building a proposed or future state all summarized in a professional proposal document.