Remote Monitoring… Meter Collection… Supplies Management… TCO Reporting.

Verity Group utilizes fmAudit to assess, analyze and monitor for document output environment.  It is the #1 remote monitoring and management software solution on the market today.  We host our own FMAudit Central Server that stores all of the usage data from monitored devices, so it is easily viewable in a web browser or on a mobile device, providing the ability to generate powerful reports.  This information seamlessly integrates into our business management software (e-Automate).

FMAudit Onsite is a data collection tool that automatically performs device analytics, monitors consumable levels and equipment status. Installed at the customer site, this application can perform print assessments automatically on a scheduled basis.

FMAudit Local Agent Capture meters for non-networked devices, which account for up to 40% of all office printers. Local Agent allows us to collect meters from local printers via an Agent Windows Service which communicates directly with devices and relays the captured data to FMAudit Onsite, enabling us to deliver a total managed print solution.

We understand that some clients do not want any software installed on their network.  fmAudit allows the use of WebAudit, which  gives you the flexibility to capture meter readings through an innovative Web application launched directly within Central.

We can quickly uncover your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and other critical data that we provide to you during quarterly business reviews.

Supply triggered delivery monitors supplies levels and allows just in time delivery of all needed supplies such as toner, developer and imaging drums.

AT THE DEVICE LEVEL: fmAudit delivers detailed stats from networked and local devices – from meters, to supplies, to service.

AT THE USER LEVEL: fmAudit delivers the Who, What and Where of document workflow and user behavior management.

AT THE END GAME: fmAudit combines, analyzes and maps data to structure an MPS program that can be ever evolving.



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