Fax Over IP

What is Fax Over IP?

FoIP or Fax over IP (also known as virtual fax) refers to the method and technology of sending fax documents over an IP network (local or wide area). This is different from the way faxes have traditionally been handled. For years the sending and receiving of fax documents have been handled over the PSTN or Publicly Switched Telephone Network. With Fax over IP fax documents by-pass the PSTN completely. This is similar to how VoIP (Voice over IP) works but requires additional network bandwidth due to the increased size of fax documents.

It has taken the unreliability of faxing out of the equation and revolutionized the transmission of information through faxes. Now, faxes can be sent from fax machine to fax machine, fax machine to email, or vice versa. FoIP allows the smooth transition between technologies, as old numbers and communication methods can be kept while eliminating unnecessary overhead. Just ensure there is enough bandwidth and the benefits speak for themselves.

How does it work?

The concept behind FoIP is pretty straightforward, especially for those that understand VoIP already. The fax is first packetized as an image and sent from point A to point B in transport protocol. Sending with FoIP works via T38. This is a protocol that describes how to send a fax over a computer data network, and for it to work requires a T38-capable VoIP gateway as well as a T38-capable fax machine, fax card or fax software. Fax Server software that can talk ‘T38’ allows the great Unified Communications feature, Fax to Email, which sends faxes directly via a VoIP gateway and converts the fax message into an email. The plus side is that no additional fax hardware is needed for the Fax to Email feature to work seamlessly!

  • UNIFIED NETWORK CONNECTIVITY – Fax over IP leverages your existing LAN and WAN IP networks.
  • ADVANCED MANAGEMENT – Bringing fax documents into IP realm allows for fax documents to be easily archived, sorted and emailed.
  • LOWER COST – With one less network to pay for and manage there is a definitive cost savings in using Fax over IP.
  • REMOTE USEAGE – There are many locations throughout the world in which a fax line cannot be provisioned. In such areas FoIP is the answer.

Verity Group now offers XM Fax from XMEDIUS.


For several years, XMedius has been offering its customers the most efficient solutions that are constantly optimized to meet the new realities of business’ data transfer requirements. The XM Fax® solutions suite transforms the manual handling of your organization’s inbound and outbound data transmissions into a managed business workflow. XM Fax software solutions are designed and continuously optimized to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and keep companies compliant with ever-increasing regulatory requirements.

XM Fax Options

ON PREMISE – Redefining fax since 2002, XM Fax On-Premises is the XMedius flagship solution to fax documents online. XM Fax On-Premises is highly scalable to meet the growing document exchange needs of organizations of all sizes. Eliminate fax hardware by sending and receiving sensitive documents from an industry-leading fax solution directly from your workstation, multifunction printer, laptop, or mobile device. To offer flexible deployment options, XM Fax On-Premises is available in Service Provider, Enterprise, and Express editions.

CLOUD – In addition to reducing costs by eliminating fax machines, ink, and toner, XM Fax Cloud happens to be hosted by one of the most secure hosting infrastructures in the world. The XMedius cloud fax solution deploys rapidly, so you’ll experience virtually no downtime. Sending and receiving your data transmissions through the cloud means no additional hardware or software investments, and no busy signals. XM Fax Cloud also offers unlimited scalability and fax capacity, so as your business grows, your eFax solution will grow right alongside it.

HYBRID – When it comes to choosing a secure file transfer software, XM Fax Hybrid offers the best of both worlds. It leverages the XM Fax Cloud infrastructure to offer a fast, simple deployment while also giving you full control over data storage, location, and ownership. The robust XM Fax Hybrid solution offers high availability and disaster recovery so you can continue to send business-critical data transmissions in the event of outages.

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