Enable a smarter learning environment.

Today, the pressure on educational institutions to deliver timely, relevant, & convenient information with fewer resources requires greater efficiency. Whether a major university or a small school district, paper-intensive processes play an important role in daily routines. Admissions, financial aid, human resources, individual education plans virtually any department or educational service deals with volumes of paperwork that are handled manually. Without a good document management solution in place, you feel the pain in wasted time and money, decreased teacher productivity, delayed decision making and increased security risks. Digitizing and streamlining workflows can help to reduce costs, meet compliance requirements and better serve students, faculty and administrative staff.Educational institutions around the world rely on HP to help them reduce costs, improve their
effectiveness, and gain competitive advantage.

HP provides integrated workflow and communications management solutions that make it easier for educational institutions to accelerate paper intensive processes while reducing costs, delivering flexible, mobile access to quality curricula for educational excellence, and expanding technology tools to enhance research, collaboration and teaching methods.

Improve workflows in admissions, financial aid, registration and student services to improve outcomes where it counts most: in enabling a smarter educational institution.



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HP Education solutions are designed to deliver meaningful outcomes for students, schools and communities.


Intelligent document-management tools can help you accurately maintain student records, admission forms, financial aid information and individual education plans (IEPs) as well as other paper-based administrative processes. The more efficiently you handle these documents, the less time and budget they divert from your core business of providing an exceptional education experience for students, faculty and staff.

As an example, automating the admissions process in a college campus—by digitally capturing the myriad admissions documents via multiple channels such as fax, web applications, email, and more—can demonstrate concrete benefits in time saved to submit, review, and respond to candidates. As a bonus, you can save countless staff hours versus re-collate, classify and file the student documentation as it advances through the process steps. Decision turnaround times can be reduced from weeks to days, which in turn can have a direct impact on the applicant’s perception of the school. This not only impacts a school’s academic standing and reputation but, over time, can have a material economic impact as well.

HP offers document capture and routing capabilities that enable you to share essential materials faster and more reliably. Our workflow solutions can help you intelligently integrate information, automate paper-intensive processes, and efficiently turn paper files into digital assets. We deliver streamlined information-management capabilities to help promote a smarter educational institution.

HP Capture and Route solution helps convert paper-based information into digital files that are easier to access and share. The simple, one-time, digital capture of a document—such as a student admission form—makes it immediately retrievable, and easy to distribute and track. By streamlining the flow of documents, HP Capture and Route enables employees to do more with information—increasing productivity and collaboration. This helps to accelerate decision making processes by integrating content into departmental workflows, such as admissions, registration and financial aid. Improve staff productivity and reduce data processing errors by automatically updating captured metadata.


From confidential student information to school operating budgets, your content requires constant protection to support regulatory compliance. Unsecured devices and data can put the entire organization at risk.

We offer tools to assess, manage, and fortify security for imaging and printing fleets, mobile printing, data transmission, and cloud access. For example, HP Access Control, a Jet Advantage security solution, allows you to set governing protocols for all of your devices. Along with specifying which teachers, administrators, or students can use specific printers and scanners, you can also control how the device functions may be used. These solutions help restore control over imaging and printing practices, reinforce security, and reduce costs through user authentication—whether for local, mobile, or remote workers.

HP Security Solutions for imaging and printing help eliminate potential vulnerabilities throughout your organization. The built-in security features of HP devices—along with our security services—can help you develop and deploy an end-to-end imaging and printing security strategy.

HP Printer Device Security is built into the HP Pro Printers and HP Enterprise Printers.  They are the only printers can stop an attack the moment it starts with unique security features. In addition, HP Enterprise Printers can self-heal from attacks–automatically.

HP JetAdvantage Security Manager can do the hard work of securing your print fleet so you don’t have to. The most comprehensive printing security solution on the market, HP Security Manager helps you easily establish a fleet-wide security policy, ensure compliance, and protect your workflow—all while safeguarding the information that keeps your educational institution running.