Digitize and secure patient information… deliver more effective, collaborative care.

Today’s healthcare industry is moving from caring for sick patients on a case-by-case basis to providing proactive, accountable health management. This evolving model requires a digital health framework that enables you to coordinate care across the extended healthcare ecosystem. We have innovative solutions that help you make your processes more efficient, save tangible costs, and improve patient outcomes.

Today’s healthcare industry is on the brink of a major shift: the opportunity to move from caring for sick patients on a case-by-case basis to providing holistic, proactive, and personalized longterm, accountable health management. Such a dramatic change requires overcoming a number of challenges: the need to alter workflow processes, adapt to new workplace cultures, define processes for handling reimbursements, and manage organizational change. In addition—and perhaps the most technically daunting challenge of the evolving healthcare model—it requires an end-to-end digital health framework that enables clients to coordinate care across the extended healthcare ecosystem.

To help the industry realize the goal of delivering collaborative care, HP has developed innovative solutions that give healthcare providers around the world the opportunity to achieve process efficiencies, tangible cost savings, and improved patient outcomes.

Of course, it is your clinical teams—the doctors and nurses—who really determine the quality of patient outcomes. But like other professionals, their success depends partly upon having the right information where and when they need it. And that is where HP can help.

HP offers a wide range of services and solutions specifically designed for healthcare providers. These can help you get the most of your printing and copying infrastructure, manage your environment, and digitize and streamline document-intensive processes to increase productivity. By helping you to improve workflows in areas such as admissions, at the nursing station, and in the medical records department, we can help you improve outcomes where it counts most: in delivering quality care.

People expect more from healthcare providers than of any other type of public institution. As understandable as this is, it places hospitals under tremendous pressure. How can you meet your targets in a real world of budget constraints and staff shortages?



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HP built-for-healthcare solutions and services simplify secure communication, collaboration, and access to relevant data and care delivery services at the point of care. Providers are better able to deliver cost-efficient, high-quality patient-centered care, and advance population health policies and initiatives.



Compliance and patient data confidentiality are key concerns for healthcare organizations. Using HP Access Control pull printing solutions, documents are printed when an authorized user identifies themselves at the printer, using a PIN, swipe card, or other means. So documents aren’t left lying at the printer for anyone to read. Other security options include the encryption of data as it travels across the network and the use of secure, encrypted hard disks in your HP MFPs. Sensitive documents, such as prescriptions, can be protected with the HP Prescription Printing Security Solution, which includes printed security features that guard against unauthorized copying and alteration.

The HP JetAdvantage Security Manager can also help increase security, strengthen compliance, and reduce risk across your imaging and printing fleet. HP Security Manager uses a policy-based approach to secure devices, enabling print administrators and security officers to streamline the process of deploying and monitoring devices by applying a single security policy across the fleet. Discover how HP Security Manager can become an integral part of your hospital’s overall IT security strategy.


The smooth running of any healthcare organization relies on the seamless flow of critical information, automatically routed to where it needs to be at any given point. With documents arriving at healthcare providers from many different sources, sometimes in digital form, sometimes on paper, information management can be a labor- and paper-intensive job.

With HP Capture & Route, you can automate these paper-intensive workflows. This can mean lower costs, a reduced administrative burden, and less scope for human error. And because of close collaboration with leading healthcare application providers, you can be certain HP workflow solutions integrate seamlessly with clinical healthcare systems. A good example of how this can work is in the Admissions and Medical Records departments. Using HP MFPs, you can scan documents, such as prescriptions and test results, straight to a patient’s medical record at the touch of a button.


HP Access Control Printing Solution: Help meet patient privacy regulations by controlling and managing access/output to MFPs and printers with authentication and authorization, plus an audit log of who is faxing, scanning, copying, and printing protected patient health


Patient transfer documents, consent forms, doctors notes, referrals, insurance and identification cards.

All of these patient documents and medical forms are captured and routed to their specific destinations.

Admission packets are printed, electronic records are updated, forms are accessed and metadata is populated.