Today, the pressure on educational institutions to deliver more timely, relevant, and convenient information with fewer resources requires greater efficiency. Students expect a technology environment that allows mobility, flexibility, and fast access to curricula and other critical information. Teachers and faculty expect a technology environment that enhances the teaching process and eliminates administrative burdens. They want easy and fast access and exchange of information to accelerate research and facilitate collaboration.

Whether a major university or a small school district, paper-intensive processes play an important role in daily routines. Admissions, financial aid, human resources, individual education plans (IEPs)—virtually any department or educational service deals with volumes of paperwork that are handled manually. Without a good document management solution in place, you feel the pain in wasted time and money, decreased teacher productivity, delayed decision-making and increased security risks. Digitizing and streamlining workflows can help to reduce costs, meet compliance requirements, and better serve students, faculty, and administrative staff.

Educational institutions around the world rely on HP to help them reduce costs, improve their effectiveness, and gain competitive advantage. HP provides integrated workflow and communications management solutions that make it easier for educational institutions to accelerate paper-intensive processes while reducing costs, delivering flexible, mobile access to quality curricula for educational excellence, and expanding technology tools to enhance research, collaboration, and teaching methods.

Powered by HP scanners, digital senders, and multifunction printers (MFPs), the HP Distributed Workflow Solution for Education automatically captures and categorizes critical documents, making them instantly available for real-time access by multiple users and departments. Seamless integration with back-end business applications makes this a single institution-wide solution that also meets the unique needs of individual departments. Discover new ways to manage costs, improve processes, facilitate learning, and support mission-critical processes. The HP Campus Advantage suite of solutions helps institutions of higher learning meet the imaging and printing needs of students, faculty, and administration alike. Together, these solutions enable education institutions to: • Focus more on teaching and learning with a secure, cost-effective imaging and printing infrastructure. •Increase productivity by allowing users to digitally store and easily find and retrieve critical information. • Ensure security of documents and confidentiality of the information they contain. • Deliver engaging targeted communications.