Blog about HP Smart Device Services and MPS Monitor


The future of remote printer management is now!

HP Smart Device Services (SDS) is a cloud-based technology that allows Verity Group to reduce service cost, maximize the device uptime, and deliver an exceptional service to our customers. MPS Monitor 2.0 is the most complete and advanced print fleet management available on the worldwide market. Its unique ease of use, reliability of data flow, security and flexibility make it the optimal choice for any dealer who manages a fleet of printing devices at customers’ premises, and wants to improve service levels, while reducing costs.

Combining the features of MPS Monitor and HP SDS we can reboot, update, or configure devices as well as decide when the end user should replace consumables. Best thing? It’s all done remotely. HP SDS also allows us to diagnose errors in HP devices – before the end user is aware of them. The remote printer management software allows preventive maintenance and configuration of even larger HP printer fleets with no need for an on-site visit from a service technician.


Diagnose Before Dispatch
Before sending a technician, we can now get the most up-to-date information from the malfunctioning printer. With a “live device read”, your technician will know exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it – before arriving at the customer. Our technician can see event logs and recommended actions for the printer upfront, and bring the correct tools and parts. Some problems can even be solved remotely, eliminating the need for a physical service visit at the customer.

Access the Error History of the Device
Normally, we would have to be physically present at the customer to access the device memory and get this kind of information. Now we can get these valuable insights remotely. From the Event Logs, you can easily see previous error. This is especially helpful when dealing with a device with multiple or recurring errors.

Update Firmware Remotely
Issues can sometimes be resolved by loading the latest firmware. Normally, this would require an on-site service visit. We can now use Reflash to upgrade firmware.

Change Device Configuration Remotely
When issues occur, it is standard to send a technician to fix it. This is time-consuming and expensive. We are now able to change the device configuration remotely.

On-Demand Training and Technical Advice
Our technician can now get instant issue expertise that he or she can watch or read before visiting the customer or after arriving at the customer site. The issue in question will be resolved with one efficient visit. This is especially helpful for uncommon issues.

Know When Ink and Toner Cartridges Should be Changed
We can notify the customer when a cartridge must be replaced. We know that changing supplies is often characterized by randomness. The customer very often changes the supply either too soon or too late. If the supply is changed too soon, it is economically bad for the you – and for Verity Group. It leads to lots of supply waste making supply fulfillment more expensive and the customer more unhappy. If the supply is changed too late, you experience queued print jobs and longer downtime.

Find Lost Printers
Sometimes devices go missing or are unresponsive for a period of time. This affects both billing and data collection. We now have the necessary features to help locate printers that have been moved or have changed IP address. In addition to this, the Device Announcement feature allows a device to contact us, on boot to announce its IP address. This ensures that we have the most current information about the device – even though it’s been lost for a while.

Predictive Device Failure
Now we can reduce printer downtime by predicting device failure – before it actually happens. Our technicians will be able to service or replace parts before they fail, and the device goes out of service. This remote maintenance functionality uses machine learning insights to analyze the health of the different device components. The intelligent system makes predictive service recommendations to us… when something that could impact customer uptime or device performance is detected.