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CLEANING GUIDANCE FROM HP & VERITY GROUP HP and Verity Group are dedicated to providing customers with market-leading business solutions that help them be innovative, productive and support their well-being. With public health concerns over the Novel Corona Virus COVID-19 disease spreading worldwide, we want customers to have the information they need to effectively clean […]

Today’s printers look and act like computers. Only HP Printer Device Security can stop an attack the moment it starts, and HP Enterprise models can self-heal with unique security features. We have partnered with HP to provide managed print solutions. HP have responded to the increase in security breaches over the last number of years […]

M-FILES… CONTROLLING YOUR BUSINESS INFORMATION The days of Document Management and Enterprise Content Management are over – it’s time for Intelligent Information Management.

PRINTER CHOICE CONSIDERATIONS Choosing the right printer for your small business does not have to be a nerve wracking, time consuming process. Some simple logic mixed with an ample dose of evaluating your current and future print needs, will get you where you need to be.

HP IS LAUNCHING A NEW EXECUTIVE STRUCTURE HP rolled out its new organizational structure on November 1. With a storied history of innovating and propelling change in its partners’ and customers’ organizations, HP is now undergoing a sweeping change of its own in its leadership, organization, go-to-market strategy, and culture with the appointment of a […]

Blog about HP Smart Device Services and MPS Monitor

REMOTE PRINTER MANAGEMENT The future of remote printer management is now! HP Smart Device Services (SDS) is a cloud-based technology that allows Verity Group to reduce service cost, maximize the device uptime, and deliver an exceptional service to our customers. MPS Monitor 2.0 is the most complete and advanced print fleet management available on the […]

Blog about XMedius Faxing Over IP (FoIP) solution

Fax Over IP What is Fax Over IP? FoIP or Fax over IP (also known as virtual fax) refers to the method and technology of sending fax documents over an IP network (local or wide area). This is different from the way faxes have traditionally been handled. For years the sending and receiving of fax […]

Blog about HP printer device security

HP Print Device Security Every printer decision is a security decision… The simple truth about the state of printer security in today’s corporate office environments is frightening. It is extremely important for information technology (IT) departments to take the necessary precautions to protect sensitive corporate data from growing cybersecurity breaches and prevalent network vulnerabilities.

Blog about Print as a Service

Print-As-A-Service Verity Group now offers Print-as-a-Service (P.A.A.S.).  P.A.A.S. is an alternative to purchasing or leasing with a low monthly rental rate and competitive True billed cost per page.  You only pay for what you print.  No long-term contracts, cancel anytime with no cancellation fees.  Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) supplies and Verity Group’s unparalleled service.  The […]

Blog about print security

HP Print and Document Security Unsecured printers can put your entire network at risk.  Print security is more than document security. Today’s threats require attention to data in-transit and endpoint devices on the network.  But now you can defend your network with printers that are always on guard. HP Inc. is recognized as the de […]

Blog about how to choose the right print device

CHOOSING THE RIGHT PRINT DEVICE FOR YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS When deciding to buy a new printer for your business, it’s important to weigh the benefits of a multifunction device that not only prints but scans, faxes, and copies documents compared to the stand-alone variety. The multifunction printer (MFP) has changed document output in the office.  […]

About PaperCut MF solution for HP devices

TOP 10 REASONS TO USE PAPERCUT MF PaperCut MF is the easy way to automatically monitor and manage copying  and printing in your organization, giving you control over your costs and environmental impact. PaperCut MF checks print jobs on the print server and analyzes them, applying rules to enforce your print policies.

Blog about HP's Education solutions

HP ENABLES A SMARTER LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Today, the pressure on educational institutions to deliver more timely, relevant, and convenient information with fewer resources requires greater efficiency. Students expect a technology environment that allows mobility, flexibility, and fast access to curricula and other critical information. Teachers and faculty expect a technology environment that enhances the teaching […]

About HP's next generation of printing

PRINT’S NEXT GEN TECHNOLOGY People tend to think of printers, MFPs and copiers in the same category… as far as document output, that is true.  But, in addition to feature set differences, the complexity of each device is different.  Copiers are much more complex than printers, so it stands to reason that MFPs based on […]

Blog about digital technology advancing at a very fast rate

THE INCREASINGLY FAST PACE OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY Research carried out by The Global center for Digital Business Transformation revealed that top management execs worldwide realize the importance of the digital revolution. Over fifty percent of the executives surveyed revealed that there has been a significant level of digital disruption when compared with two years ago.

About HP's new A3 Portfolio of printers and MFPs

POSITIONING PRINTING FOR THE FUTURE Last year HP bought Samsung’s printer division in order to help create a more expansive lineup of A3 multifunction printers.  This was the largest acquisition in HP’s history and is intended to be the base for its attempt to disrupt the current copier market by persuading all size businesses to […]

Blog about Rules Based Printing

In the world of Managed Print Services, one of the hot button topics is Rules Based Printing… which is loosely defined as enforcing cost saving policies easily and changing user behavior. Beyond the productivity, control and information gains that a rules-based printing environment brings, you can also reduce your overall print footprint. A footprint that […]

About YSoft's Print Management solution

YSoft was born in the Czech Republic, in 2000, with the purpose of creating intelligent enterprise office solutions that build smart business and empower employees to be more productive and creative.  It now has over 14,000 customers in 120 countries. The reason Verity Group partnered with YSoft is because of their complete commitment to designing […]

Blog about HP's pagewide technology in printing

HP PAGEWIDE PRINTING TECHNOLOGY As early as 1991, HP was experimenting with PageWide Print Technology. What they learned was that they were not capable of achieving the incredible speeds possible with such technology and also achieving the quality necessary to carry the HP brand. What did come out of this early research was what they had […]

Moving beyond print with an evolving plan

Verity Group implements our Managed Print Services program, TruePrint… we do so in four distinct stages. These stages are Assess Print, Manage Print, Optimize Print and Beyond Print. We do not move forward to the next phase until the prior one is fully and effectively implemented. In the beginning days of MPS, most customer’s expectations […]