gain visibility into the true cost of your printing.

The first, and probably the most critical, phase of an MPS engagement is an accurate and comprehensive assessment of the current status of your organization’s print, document infrastructure and workflows, and the formulation of a detailed design for the future, optimized state. Before we can help you manage and optimize your imaging and printing environment, we must first understand your current needs, resources and processes.  In simple terms, we first focus on the due diligence by deploying our analysis software, completing physical walkthroughs, locating and mapping print devices and interviewing end users.  We will then conduct a high-level data-driven assessment to measure the current state of your print environment… to provide a dynamic visualization into document-intensive processes to help you understand who, where and why documents are used.

A robust assessment and design methodology is a primary component of MPS service delivery excellence. In fact, this assessment process may be repeated as organizations progress to higher levels of print and document management maturity. Print and document management maturity refers to a progression from optimizing devices; to optimizing documents (how they are created, managed, and used); to optimizing document intensive workflows – which may mean not printing at all.



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Our comprehensive assessment includes:

Current Environment

We examine your current imaging and printing environment fleet utilization by identifying the number, physical location, and current usage of all devices, device-to-employee ratios, usage patterns, and employee satisfaction. We document your pain points and bottlenecks.

Industry Benchmarks
We create a predictive modeling appraisal of your operational and labor costs by reviewing current lease and contract agreements, number of invoices processed, procurement and outsourcing costs and IT staff requirements. We then calculate how it trends against industry metrics.

Fleet Optimization
We provide cost-justified recommendations for optimizing the future state of your fleet. This may include an overall reduction of printing assets, replacement of single function for multi-function devices, and/or swapping over and under-utilized printers or copiers.

Document Workflows
We identify your business-critical, paper-intensive processes and provide a customized workflow analysis and the business case for informed decision making. From basic document archival and retrieval.

Environmental Impact
We analyze your current imaging-and-printing carbon footprint after calculating printer energy and paper usage and then offer recommendations for applying energy saving technologies and improvements that can have a positive impact on your future carbon footprint.

Management Report
We will provide you with a high-level management report that provides cost-justified recommendations for optimizing the future state of your print fleet.  The report also contains detailed information about:

  • Current device profiles
  • Financial analysis of your current spend
  • Review of your current management agreements and leases
  • Current TCO and ROI analysis
  • Meter read capture and device utilization reports