Long-term strategic management of the complete printing and imaging environment.

Printing and imaging costs account for nearly 3% of annual revenues, yet 90% of businesses do not control those costs.  Most companies have the mistaken impression that their print output is just fine.  But the truth is that these costs are growing at an incredible rate.  The continual growth in information made easily available through the internet and the growing demand for adding color to business documents continues to raise the overall costs of business document output. When those costs are tallied up, organizations find that Managed Print Services takes the ordinary pieces of printing and imaging and delivers a complete document technology infrastructure in an extraordinary way.  And this is done with a resulting savings of up to 30%.

Better yet… this is the foundation for future reduction in print expenditures and enhancement of print efficiencies.



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An MPS initiative is only as good as the results it achieves

Your organization has successfully completed the transition phase of your managed print services engagement. The devices are installed, up and running and end users have been trained on how to get the most out of your new print and document infrastructure.How do you work with your provider to continue to ensure the success of your MPS engagement? What constitutes service delivery excellence during this phase? The IDC survey rated the following as the most important indicators of a successful implementation:

  • Provider consistently meets promised Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Responsive and timely resolution of any problems or issues
  • Maintaining security of information and documents
  • Achievement of the promised cost reductions

Management of an entire collection of printers, copiers and MFPs across an enterprise is not a task for the faint of heart.  Most fleets are multiple vendor mixtures of makes and models at multiple locations.  Many of which require different supplies.  Some devices are network connected… many are not.  Most are not balanced with respect to volume and capacity.  Too often, print, scan and fax capabilities are not consolidated in an efficient manner. Standardization is a distant afterthought.

To help resolve these issues, Verity Group utilizes a robust software solution to remotely collect page counts, monitor device status and manage other critical information from document output environments.  This powerful tool assists us in device discovery, supplies fulfillment, real-time device configuration, firmware upgrades and cost containment.  In addition to our remote monitoring, we will provide you with monthly management reports containing volume and utilization analytics.