Verity Group implements our Managed Print Services program, TruePrint… we do so in four distinct stages. These stages are Assess Print, Manage Print, Optimize Print and Beyond Print. We do not move forward to the next phase until the prior one is fully and effectively implemented. In the beginning days of MPS, most customer’s expectations started and ended with cost reduction and fleet optimization. Today those expectations remain… but have matured and expanded to include consulting services, workflow implementation and efficiencies, software and solutions integration… in addition to ongoing service and support for hardware and supplies.

The first two areas Assess Print and Manage Print allow us to develop a deep understanding of your business requirements, paint points, application usage, end-user behavior, device utilization and workflows… or lack thereof. After we have thoroughly assessed the print environment and devised the best go-forward strategy to manage everyday document output, we move towards the final two phases… Optimize Print and moving Beyond Print. It is in these two phases where the real change, savings and efficiencies become apparent. And the plan is ever-evolving… resulting in further optimization and greater cost savings in the future.


we can help you manage and optimize your imaging and printing environment, we must first understand your current needs, resources and processes. In simple terms, we first focus on the due diligence by deploying our analysis software, completing physical walkthroughs, locating and mapping print devices and interviewing end users. We will then conduct a high-level data-driven assessment to measure the current state of your print environment… to provide a dynamic visualization into document-intensive processes to help you understand who, where and why documents are used. The resulting management report uses intelligent analytics and visualization to help plan and optimize your print output.


Management of an entire collection of printers, copiers and MFPs across an enterprise is not a task for the faint of heart. Most fleets are multiple vendor mixtures of makes and models at multiple locations. Many of which require different supplies. Some devices are network connected… many are not. Most are not balanced with respect to volume and capacity. Too often, print, scan and fax capabilities are not consolidated in an efficient manner. Standardization is a distant afterthought. To help resolves these issues, Verity Group utilizes a robust software solution to remotely collect page counts, monitor device status and manage other critical information from document output environments. This powerful tool assists us in device discovery, supplies fulfillment, real-time device configuration, firmware upgrades and cost containment. In addition to our remote monitoring, we will provide you with monthly management reports containing volume and utilization analytics.


Each print device has an ideal utilization range, measured in recommended pages printed per month or duty cycle. Print costs are optimized when the device’s actual use is aligned with its duty cycle. This is the process of moving from your typically unmanaged print environment into an environment where each device has been placed specifically to optimize costs while properly addressing end-user needs. We match print devices with their true need and balance the deployment to optimize utilization and enhance productivity. We will right-size and right-purpose your output fleet by creating a balanced deployment of both single and multi-function, mono and color, as well as printer and copier based devices. We will help close the loop between document creation, output and management.


One of the main goals of our TruePrint program is to reduce the amount of printing, reduce the amount of devices, reduce the number of manufacturers and models, reduce the variety of supplies, and reduce the overall number of vendors you must deal with in an attempt to manage your document output. All of this results in control of costs and continuous improvement of processes. We will also introduce you to targeted solutions for document creation, capture, conversion, workflow, archival and retrieval. One of the best solutions, we offer, is rules-based printing… which helps reduce waste and costs by allowing system administrators to set rules related to color versus mono printing, simplex versus duplex printing, and even what jobs are sent to which devices. We will help you optimize print output for specific users, groups, departments and roles.

We offer a broad portfolio of solutions to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, safeguard data and transform paper documents into more efficient, intelligent and automated workflows that move documents from one employee or department to another. Verity Group’s Consultants can help you implement workflows that will help you automate your document-driven business processes. The newest multifunction devices are capable of leveraging workflow automation. That combined with the content management solutions we offer will streamline your everyday business processes by removing redundant steps, eliminating manual intervention, better manage approval processes and reducing human error. Process confusion is eliminated, and processes cycle to completion faster.

From initial assessment to moving beyond print… Verity Group is their every step of the way.