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Through our partnership with Toshiba… Verity Group has joined the Close the Loop program to recycle imaging products with a “Zero Waste to Landfill” promise.


Zero Waste to Landfill

Through our partnership with Toshiba… Verity Group has joined the Close the Loop program to recycle imaging products with a “Zero Waste to Landfill” promise. Close the Loop (CTL) is the World’s largest recycling and resource recovery company for imaging consumables. Recycling the major brands of inkjet or laser printer cartridges, toner bottles, drum units or fuser kits, from printers, photocopiers or fax machines, they offer an end of life solution tailored to the imaging industry’s needs.

Our end of life imaging products are returned to the original manufacturer for re-use where possible. If not, CTL utilizes a range of patented processes to recover all the materials from those products to be reused in the manufacture of the products, or turned into a range of new innovative products. They offer advice to manufacturers in their design of new products with end of life disposal in mind – to improve reusability, to simplify recycling, and to maximize the value of recovered materials.

Toshiba’s acceptance and recycling of other vendors’ toner consumables – the first manufacturer in its industry to do so – further emphasizes the company’s ecological ethos and desire to protect the environment. The Irvine, Calif. tech company, in alliance with Close the Loop, separates the spent imaging products into reusable parts, toner, plastic and metal. This process enables the elements to re-enter the supply chain for use in future products. To date, Toshiba has eliminated 712 tons of e-waste.

Close the Loop is at the forefront of developing processing technologies for recycling printer cartridges and similar plastic or electronic products. They have invented numerous proprietary technologies to safely shred and recycle ink cartridges, toner cartridges, toner bottles and other print consumables. They process thousands of pounds of empty ink and toner cartridges and toner bottles every day. They never stop learning and continue to develop and invest in newer, safer, and more efficient machines and processes.

The four major output streams, from recycling imaging products, include:


Toner is a very fine, electrically charged plastic (powder) used in photocopy machines and laser printers. It is a contaminant to the rigid plastic fraction of old toner cartridges and bottles and must be removed or separated from everything else.


Steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and precious metals are separated by magnets and eddy current separator technologies. There is a ready market for scrap metals, and they become part of their respective commodity loops.


Plastics recovered in large volumes are either sold into ‘closed material loops’ for reuse in new cartridges, or diverted into open loops for CLT products such as Enviroliner pens and rulers.


Close the Loop has pioneered the reuse of mixed inks from scrap inkjet cartridges. After years of R&D, we have developed the technology and the skills needed to refine these raw materials for use in Enviroliner Pens and flexographic ink.

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