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Digitize and secure patient information… deliver more effective, collaborative care.


EA Healthy Clinical Environment

Enhance Your Security

Compliance and patient data confidentiality are key concerns for healthcare organizations. Using HP Access Control pull printing solutions, documents are printed when an authorized user identifies themselves at the printer, using a PIN, swipe card, or other means. So documents aren’t left lying at the printer for anyone to read. Other security options include the encryption of data as it travels across the network and the use of secure, encrypted hard disks in your HP MFPs. Sensitive documents, such as prescriptions, can be protected with the HP Prescription Printing Security Solution, which includes printed security features that guard against unauthorized copying and alteration.

HP Capture and Route solution helps convert paper-based information into digital files that are easier to access and share. The simple, one-time, digital capture of a document—such as a student admission form—makes it immediately retrievable, and easy to distribute and track. By streamlining the flow of documents, HP Capture and Route enables employees to do more with information—increasing productivity and collaboration. This helps to accelerate decision making processes by integrating content into departmental workflows, such as admissions, registration and financial aid. Improve staff productivity and reduce data processing errors by automatically updating captured metadata.

Improve Your Workflow

The smooth running of any healthcare organization relies on the seamless flow of critical information, automatically routed to where it needs to be at any given point. With documents arriving at healthcare providers from many different sources, sometimes in digital form, sometimes on paper, information management can be a labor- and paper-intensive job.

With HP Capture & Route, you can automate these paper-intensive workflows. This can mean lower costs, a reduced administrative burden, and less scope for human error. And because of close collaboration with leading healthcare application providers, you can be certain HP workflow solutions integrate seamlessly with clinical healthcare systems. A good example of how this can work is in the Admissions and Medical Records departments. Using HP MFPs, you can scan documents, such as prescriptions and test results, straight to a patient’s medical record at the touch of a button.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

HP Access Control Printing Solution: Help meet patient privacy regulations by controlling and managing access/output to MFPs and printers with authentication and authorization, plus an audit log of who is faxing, scanning, copying, and printing protected patient health

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