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The world’s most secure printing devices.


Main Focus Areas For Print Security

Device Security

Printing & imaging devices store user credentials & other sensitive data such as stored print jobs that can be accessed if not encrypted or regularly erased.

Network Data

Multifunction printers reside on your company network. They can also be hacked like a computer & be an entry point for malware & viruses.

Access Control & Authentication

In the absence of pull printing, sensitive documents may be retrieved by anyone who has access to printer settings & can exploit permissions.

Monitoring & Management

Lack of centralized printer control can lead to inefficient, incomplete, & time-intensive efforts by IT to establish & maintain printer security settings.

Document Security

Output trays can allow sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands. Unprotected input trays could lead to the theft of special paper–such as check stock.

MHP PRO printers offer powerful security that can detect and stop an attack as it happens.

Load Bios / Boot Code

The boot code is a set of instructions used to load fundamental hardware components and initiate firmware. The integrity of the code is validated at every boot cycle—helping to prevent the execution of malicious code by loading only HP-signed, genuine code.

Check Current Firmware Version

Whitelisting ensures that only authentic, known-good HP firmware—digitally signed by HP—is loaded into memory. If an anomaly is detected, the device reboots to a secure, offline state and waits for valid firmware to be loaded.

Protect Run-Time Memory

HP embedded features help protect device memory while devices are operational and connected to the network—right when most attacks occur. In the event of an attack, the device shuts down. notifying Administrators when a protection event occurs.

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