HP Print Device Security

Every printer decision is a security decision…

The simple truth about the state of printer security in today’s corporate office environments is frightening. It is extremely important for information technology (IT) departments to take the necessary precautions to protect sensitive corporate data from growing cybersecurity breaches and prevalent network vulnerabilities.

Even one unsecured printer can make your entire company insecure.

To address these and other risks, HP has upped its game when it comes to printer security through its new HP Enterprise Secure Printer line. For one thing, they have enabled printer hard drive encryption as a default on many of its printers. In addition, the manufacturer has included Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware to ensure that BIOS and firmware updates are cryptographically “signed” by HP so that hackers cannot upload a malicious update. HP also added some checks that attempt to verify that the executable software running on the printer’s operating system has not been tampered with, and which will initiate a shutdown or restart if tampering is detected. All of these features together make it much harder for an attacker to succeed in an attack. Hackers value their time and tend to target systems that are easy to exploit, and often move on to easier targets when challenged.

HP has now made it possible to defend your network from evolving threats with the world’s most secure printers. Only HP Enterprise printers can detect and self-heal from a malware attack on your print device. They have the industry’s only upgradeable firmware… which means security features can be added over time.

IDC says “HP’s strategy and offering have led to an expanded portfolio but also an extended IT coverage that spans security, mobility, and cloud within the print ecosystem. A dual technology line of laser and PageWide technologies gives HP Inc. a unique and extensive product offering. HP Inc. continues to maintain and build upon its large channel network.”

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