The FMAudit suite of products deliver an enterprise class managed print solution that is very easy to use and deploy. It is architected and designed to take advantage of the advanced features and benefits of the Microsoft .NET platform so that it no longer requires a skilled technician to install software and configure and maintain the system. The FMAudit products cannot in any way be configured to perform a task beyond the ones for which it was designed. The transmission of data from the products to outside sources is tightly restricted. The products do not report any other details except for information of the equipment being monitored (i.e., type of equipment). No confidential information is ever transmitted out of the network via FMAudit products. FMAudit is real time monitoring software that reports device status, page counts and supply levels.


1. The purpose of this document is to provide a product line overview of the FMAudit Suite of Products from a technical perspective to help facilitate answers to the most common questions Information Technology teams will receive.