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  • Developing for the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge at Microsoft Connect(); 2017
    Today we’re kicking off Connect(); 2017, one of my favorite annual Microsoft developer events, where over three days we get to host approximately 150 livestreamed and interactive sessions for developers everywhere — no matter the tools they use or the platforms they prefer. Today at Connect(); 2017 I’m excited to... Read more »
  • Strengthening our culture of inclusion
    Three years ago, we began a journey to evolve our culture at Microsoft, and in so doing redefine our relationship with employees, customer and partners. This journey started by grounding our aspire-to culture in a growth mindset focused on three attributes: Obsessing over our customers; Operating as a unified company (One Microsoft);... Read more »
  • Hour of Code 2017: Unlock an exciting new world by taking a ‘Hero’s Journey’
    Students try out an early preview of the new Minecraft Tutorial at the Skyway Boys & Girls Club, in Skyway, Washington, on Oct. 16, 2017. In a few weeks, people around the world will celebrate Computer Science Education Week. Millions of kids and others will participate in an Hour of Code,... Read more »
  • The story behind Microsoft’s earnings: Our customers’ digital innovation in the cloud
    Today, Microsoft announced its first quarter earnings. One big takeaway is that we exceeded our goal to meet a $20 billion in commercial cloud annualized revenue run rate. This exciting milestone represents our continued delivery of new cloud technologies and our customers’ digital innovation. Across major industries — from finance... Read more »
  • Imagine Cup goes far beyond the imagination to change lives — and it’s time to register for 2018
    My team at Microsoft has a guiding principle as the foundation of everything we do: Today’s students are tomorrow’s developers. As the head of cloud growth and ecosystems at Microsoft, working with students is one of the most fulfilling parts of my job because it gives me a lens into the... Read more »
  • Inclusion in action: enabling transformative change with accessible technologies
    Leading up to International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which aims to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities, we’re unveiling a new video series celebrating six individuals who are using accessible technologies to help transform their lives. We’re excited to start today with a video about Andrew,... Read more »
  • The Green Bay Packers and Microsoft team up to bring the world’s innovations and tech expertise to the heart of Wisconsin
    Access to the latest digital tools, technology know-how, and funding is critical to starting and running a successful business or organization in the 21st century. Today we’re teaming together to help accelerate technology innovation in the Fox River Valley and across Wisconsin, with our news that we’re founding and launching... Read more »
  • The financial services industry banks on the Microsoft Cloud for digital transformation
    Financial services organizations are at a transformational tipping point. Faced with fierce market pressures – nimble disruptors, complex regulations, digital native customers – technology transformation in the industry is essential, and it’s increasingly becoming a competitive edge. Firms leading the charge into this new era are transforming customer experiences, fostering... Read more »
  • Microsoft Ventures debuts $3.5 million search for startups shaping the future of AI
    Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is being leveraged to do incredible things, from breaking down cultural barriers with smart translators, to helping doctors and biochemists better understand, prevent and treat the world’s deadliest and most confounding diseases. Technology is bridging the gap from imagination to reality faster than ever before, but... Read more »
  • Remembering Sputnik as US aims to advance computer science education
    Sixty years ago this week, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first satellite to orbit the Earth. The historic moment meant not only that the space race with the United States was on, but so were U.S. efforts to provide stronger math and science education to its young people, writes... Read more »



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