Protect your document output fleet with simple, policy-based print security.

Your company is continuously creating confidential, valuable data that’s crucial to running your business. And you’re probably using multiple security methods—including authentication, encryption, and monitoring—to protect this data on your PC’s, networks, and servers. But is your printing and imaging environment as secure as the rest of your infrastructure?

The security exposure and associated costs can be high, whether it’s from unattended documents on a printer, sensitive data processing from the computer to the device, or confidential information on device hard drives. To help keep your business protected, you need a solution that simplifies and strengthens security throughout your printing and imaging environment, saving your business time and money that can be better spent elsewhere.

Secure your fleet with the solution Buyers Laboratory (BLI) calls trailblazing… HP JetAdvantage Security Manager.

Your network printer or copier can be a serious security liability. After all, these machines often handle sensitive documents and information, and they could provide an access route to other computers on the network–so you don’t want a hacker to get at yours. It’s time to take printer security seriously.

The Ransom Letter below was received by a bank, via their printer… a frightening example of the danger un-secured document output devices may pose.

HP JetAdvantage Security Manager would have prevented this attack.


An industry first in security management

That’s why HP developed HP JetAdvantage Security Manager, a streamlined, policy-based approach to securing HP printing and imaging devices. With HP Security Manager, you can improve the security of your HP printing and imaging fleet before you experience the stress of a data breach—helping protect your devices, and the information that keeps your company running.

Automated Monitoring and risk-based reporting

HP Security Manager offers a simple, intuitive process for securing your fleet. Efficiently deploy and monitor devices by applying a single security policy across the fleet, and secure new HP devices as soon as they are added to your network with HP Instant-on Security. Actively maintain and verify compliance with your defined security policies using HP Security Manager’s automated monitoring and risk-based reporting.

Provide fleet security with effortless policy creation

Easily create a security policy for your print environment using the HP Security Manager Base Policy template. The template provides a baseline approach for securing a common enterprise printing environment, but is easily tailored to meet individual security policy requirements. The template combines settings from the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology-approved HP Security Best Practices Checklist with customer input on the security settings necessary to create a secure, yet productive print environment.

Connect devices to your policy in a variety of ways

AUTO DISCOVERY: Let Security Manager discover your HP devices through auto-discovery. Set it to look over a certain amount of network hops or within a specific IP address range. Then choose which devices you want to manage from the list.

.TXT OR .XML: Add many devices by importing a .txt or .xml file with device IP addresses or host names, including .xml exports from HP Web JetAdmin.

INSTANT-ON: Use the HP Instant-on Security feature to automatically add each HP device into Security Manager as soon as it is connected to your network or from reset without any intervention. HP Instant-on Security also immediately configures devices to be compliant with your specific corporate security policy – saving you time and minimizing risk.

Maximize your investments with proactive compliance

During the scheduled assessment, HP Security Manager runs in the background and verifies your fleet’s security settings against a specific policy. The assessment process then identifies and reports any noncompliant features.  HP Security Manager automatically applies the correct policy settings to any noncompliant features recognized during the assessment. The compliant setting is assessed again to confirm it was applied successfully.

Reduce risk with comprehensive security fleet reporting

Protect your information with built-in reporting. Users can run summary reports on the overall risk level of the fleet, and then drill down into specific risks by device or security setting. High level emailed reports can also be enabled to send after each auto-scheduled assessment and remediation.

Protect your workflow with fleet management of certificates

Certificates are vital to protecting the flow of information to and from your devices. They are used to prove identity and encrypt data, enabling secure communication between trustworthy entities. However, customers who want to secure their print devices are faced with several challenges when it comes to certificates. Manually installing unique certificates can be an error-prone, laborious, and time-consuming task—up to 15 minutes per device. This causes many customers to opt out of using certificates entirely or maintaining them properly. HP Security Manager efficiently implements and updates both ID and CA certificates—helping increase the security of your infrastructure, applications, and devices.



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