For a more secure, controlled print environment.

With HP Access Control, you can protect confidential information, enhance device security and management, and improve company-wide printing policies.
Now it’s easier than ever to secure print jobs and devices, improve workflows, and monitor printing practices – all while reducing costs and supporting organization-wide security, compliance, and environmental initiatives. Designed to integrate easily with HP devices, you can select specific HP Access Control to address your needs.

Empower your workforce with increased security and efficiency.



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Transform printing practices for a more efficient and secure environment. HP Access Control (HPAC) Printing Solutions makes it easy to monitor and control imaging and printing costs—and to collect and track data by device and user—to help establish more responsible behaviors, lower expenses, and eliminate unclaimed documents.

Part of HP JetAdvantage security solutions, HPAC Printing Solutions also help you provide print authentication, authorization, and secure pull printing capabilities across your organization, and protect sensitive information with custom user controls and usage rights for accessing networked HP LaserJet and HP Officejet Pro printers and multifunction printers (MFPs). Help ensure streamlined practices by confirming the right devices are being used for the right jobs, and contribute to environmental goals by reducing paper usage. Minimize IT downtime and further cut costs with server consolidation and centralized system management.

When HP AC Printing Solutions are deployed through an HP Managed Print Services agreement, the solutions support HP single function printers and MFPs, in addition to selected imaging and printing devices from Lexmark and Xerox.

HP Access Control’s robust feature set, includes:

HP Access Control Secure Authentication, a JetAdvantage Solution offers a variety of authentication options—including HP proximity card readers, alpha-numeric personal identification codes or numbers (PIC, PIN), and smartcards—to protect your devices and prevent unauthorized use.

HP Access Control Secure Pull Printing, a JetAdvantage Solution, reinforces security, restores control, reduces costs, and conserves resources. It helps protect sensitive documents and secure printing environments—all while increasing convenience for local, mobile, and remote users.

HP Access Control Intelligent Management and Intelligent Rights Management solutions enable you to manage print output and device usage easily and efficiently by providing a smarter way to apply rules concerning who can print and how they can print, plus who can use a device and how they can use it.

HP Access Control Job Accounting, a JetAdvantage Solution makes it easy to accurately track and gather data, analyze the results, and then create and send reports. Apply mined data to allocate print costs, motivate employees to print smarter, and provide IT with the information to improve fleet-wide forecasts.