An on-premise solution simplifying the management, migration, and provisioning of printers.

More than 1500 customers use PrinterLogic’s Enterprise Print Management solution to completely eliminate the need for print servers, deliver powerful centralized print management and empower end users to install their own printers.

Our Enterprise Printer Management solution enables you to eliminate print servers without losing the benefits traditional print servers provide. Simply copy printers from your existing print servers, silently convert end users already installed printers, and centrally manage direct IP printers with the provided PrinterLogic Administrator. You can also empower your end users to install printers via a self-service web portal with optional floor plan maps, without the need to call the help desk. This solution supports Windows, Mac, mobile (BYOD), Citrix sessions, and VMware Horizon View VDI sessions.

The time has come that the effort, and complexity of traditional print servers are no longer necessary.



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While our mantra is to eliminate print servers, we understand that not all organizations will want to eliminate their print servers. We enhance print servers by providing additional features and benefits to print server environments. In addition, you can eliminate printer provisioning scripts and group policies (GPOs) and simplify printer provisioning to standard workstations as well as Citrix or VDI sessions.

PrinterLogic’s robust feature set, includes:

  • Eliminate Print Servers
  • Epic Print Server Management
  • WAN Print Traffic Elimination
  • End-User Self-Installation Portal
  • Scripting and GPO Elimination
  • Mass Edit / Create / Manage Printers
  • Automated Printer Deployment
  • Printer Driver Profile Management
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Print Que Management
  • URL API Support
  • Redundant High Availability
  • SNMP and Printer Status Monitoring
  • Optional Floor Plan Mapping
  • Port Management and Redirection
  • Print Job Auditing and Reports
  • Windows Server 2003 Migration
  • Centralized Direct IP Printer Management
  • Citrix Printing
  • BYOD and Guest Printing
  • Secure Pull/Follow Printing
  • Mobile Printing
  • Chromebook Printing
  • VMware Printing
  • Mac Printing
  • Proximity Printing
  • Windows Embedded Printing