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With Elevate, MFPs are no longer a one-size fits all commodity. Understanding the individual needs of each and every client is what Toshiba does best.

Elevate unlocks the full potential of your MFP and provides customized and automated workflows designed specifically around your business processes.

The user interface can also be personalized by department within your organization ensuring that it delivers the utmost in efficiency throughout.

“Toshiba’s new Elevate platform sets the foundation for what promises to be a highly intuitive user interface that will simplify the user experience and streamline common and even more advanced scan and copy workflows,” said George Mikolay, Associate Director of A3/Production for Keypoint Intelligence. “With Elevate, processes that previously required several steps or even digging through more advanced menus can be boiled down to a few minor steps or even one touch.”

“Elevate is unlocking the full potential of MFPs today as it personalizes the customer experience for specific industries, companies and departments,” said Bill Melo, Toshiba America Business Solutions chief marketing executive. “Our newly-introduced user interface simplifies today’s workflow − from the everyday to the most complex functions − with the touch of a button.”



Isn’t it nice to know someone’s here to help you. While you are busy trying to cut costs and improve patient care, we can help with the following:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Safeguarding privacy
  • Managing massive paper documentation
  • Quick medical records search & access

Take control of your clinical content with our vendor neutral archive (VNA) and data migration solutions. These solutions can help with enterprise medical images, accelerating patient information to the point of need while reducing healthcare integration costs and inefficiencies. Drive better care delivery through a patient-centric approach to data liquidity and interoperability with the help of our Universal Clinical Platform (UCP), built on a true vendor-neutral archive foundation.

The intelligence engine layer of UCP tightly couples the clinical abstraction and life cycle management layers. Add to all that strong capabilities around clinical workflow, compliance, contextual data management and content replication.

With rapid access to patient information and the ability to share vital content with clinicians and colleagues, hospital staff can make timely and informed healthcare decisions. Care can be delivered more efficiently while avoiding redundancy thanks to eliminating the need for paper documents.


UCP’s ability to synchronize and replicate metadata between data centers enables the capability for business continuance that is tightly integrated with your enterprise storage platform. Key benefits include:

  • Publisher/subscriber model for metadata replication supporting multiple data center
  • Natively integrated to storage replication models (CAS/COS and NAS)
  • Reduces network and server footprint in a business continuance solution


The UCP compliance component is core to the overall strategy of the system to assure that all transactions are audited using a standardized approach. UCP provides a graphical interface for audit access and the ability to send audits to a central repository. Key features include:

  • Conformance to DICOM Supplement 95
  • Embedded audit search/management capabilities
  • Ability to manage audit messages via Syslog, IHE ATNA support


One of UCP’s most unique and powerful features is its ability to separate and manage clinical data into contexts that support your enterprise direction and simplify IT administration. This includes contexts around how your business is organized, data locations (onsite, cloud), business strategies (M&A activity, divestiture), etc. Context flexibility includes:

  • Multi-tenant, enabling multiple customers subscribing to the same system delivery
  • Multi-domain, providing multiple facilities, RIS instances and logical business organization of the data
  • Multi-ology, allowing separate data management capabilities across multiple departments


Everyone agrees educational institutions are vital to the common good. Unfortunately, tightened budgets and increased demands have become more of a challenge for educators than ever before. That’s where we come in. We’ll get you communicating better, while easing burdens and complications by helping with:

  • Regulatory compliance (FERPA, EPA, etc.)
  • Safeguarding privacy
  • Managing massive amounts of electronic documentation
  • Quick search and access to school records

Streamline Academic Services

We understand that you’re short on staff members and resources and need to save time and money wherever you can. We’ll help you simplify your process internally, streamline financial aid and enhance your academic services while maintaining compliance.

Keep Athletic Compliance on Track

To keep collegiate sports running smoothly and remaining compliant, a great deal of secure information gathering and sharing is needed. Our masters will provide you with assistance, so you can:

  • Ensure compliance, including NCAA, NJCAA, and NAIA
  • Streamline processing of invoices, expense reports, donations, contracts, etc.
  • Improve information sharing to simplify eligibility procedures
  • Protect student privacy by utilizing a secure electronic repository

Save Students’ Time

Enhance the student experience by processing more data in less time, from admission applications to bookstore purchases. By offering the fastest, most advanced electronic student services, you can keep current students satisfied and attract new ones.

Save Up to 40% on Printing Costs

Our masters will help your school save up to 40% on printing costs, with managed print services. In order to help you reach, and often exceed, your objectives, we’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your current printing to uncover hidden opportunities throughout your educational institution. Then, we’ll help you implement them. With Toshiba, your school never has to own another printer. You pay only when you print. And, you’ll print less—saving you paper, toner, time and money.

Get Your School Going Green

Save money and reduce your environmental impact with Toshiba’s easy-to-implement, highly efficient solutions for schools both large and small. From software solutions to recycling toner cartridges, Toshiba will help your school go green.


The Toshiba e-Studio 7506ac series helps workgroups connect, integrate and simplify while improving efficiency, productivity and the professionalism of presentations. New scan-to-cloud and cloud print capabilities increase productivity by allowing users to access, store and print documents remotely from the MFP.

  • Speeds of 55, 65 & 75 PPM color
  • High-resolution and high-volume color
  • High-volume black & white
  • Advanced e-BRIDGE Next technology
  • Fast dual-core processor

This interactive manual will guide you completely through a fully illustrated, step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to use the basic features of the e-STUDIO 5506AC / 6506AC / 7506AC Series systems.

These multifunctional digital imaging systems are easy to use due to Toshiba’s industry-leading technology.